An evening with Aubrey Logan and Polly Gibbons

An evening with Aubrey Logan and Polly GibbonsBy Alla Bevzenko, Senior Editor
Date: Sunday, October 27th 2018
Location The iconic Birdland Jazz Club in Manhattan
Photos and video provided by Nitro Nuri Shakoor, Urban Art photojournalist for

Last Saturday, we had the pleasure of being at the iconic NYC Birdland Jazz club, for the set that featured two incredible artists, Aubrey Logan and Polly Gibbons.
The presentation was held by a legendary jazz producer George Klabin, of Resonance Records, a label he founded in concert with his Rising Jazz Stars Foundation, in 2008, devoted to preserving and celebrating living jazz performers. The ladies in attendance were rather formidable artists. Aubrey Logan, whom we had the pleasure of seeing live last year at Drom, NYC, is a Berklee graduate and musical talent who traverses multiple styles. She's an accomplished trombonist, and wicked with a cartwheel or two, performed during her sets if the space allows, without missing a beat. She&…

New York ComiCon 2018 NYCC

New York ComicCon 2018,  a Four-Day, Fun-Filled Experience. The Event: New York ComicCon~ Dates: Thursday, October 4th - Sunday, October 7th~ Location: Javits Convention Center, Hudson Yards, NYC~
Even the magnificent state-of-the art Javits Center and its staff faced an extremely challenging task of hosting the New York ComicCon 2018.  Through the many events I have covered at the Javits Center, I would have never thought that the facility weren't large enough to accommodate the creative cosplayers, comics collectors, science fiction aficionados, and the amazing exhibitors on hand for the four day fun-filled event. Thursday was, by far, the most comfortable day of the event, what with being able to navigate the convention center, or to just casually walk around to absorb and enjoy the many wonderful exhibits that brought me back to my childhood days. Saturday and Sunday, for obvious reasons, proved to be the most challenging days, yet the most exciting. One may never meet so man…

NYC Italian American Day Parade 2018

New York Italian-American Day Parade (Columbus Day) Images and video footage of the 2018 Italian American Day Parade aka Columbus Day parade
Location: 5th Ave, Mid-town Manhattan Photographer: M. Nuri Shakoor, photojournalist,

The Emilie Surtees Experience Performance at Cafe Wha?

The Emile Surtees Experience    Cover band, the Emilie Surtees Experience, led by vocalist Emilie Surtees, covers neo-soul artists Jill Scott, Lauren Hill, and Sade this evening at Cafe Wha? in the Village in lower Manhattan.

Couture Fashion Week NYC-ASE Designer Feature, Sheri Autry

Sheri Autry Couture
'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
Designer: Sheri Autry Show: Couture Fashion Week #SS19 #CFW #NYFW Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Times Square, Manhattan
Photographer: M. Nuri Shakoor,

About This Photograph.The eye contact was essential. Digging through more than 3,000 shots from fashion week takes time. Time that we don't really have to be honest. And mostly this is my burden due to our strict standards as to which shots qualify as "photographs" (that to me is less than 10%). Afterwards, I have to painstakingly go through each of those photographs and decide which of those I feel come across artistic enough to meet "URBAN ART BY NURI" standards. Not many. My standards for fashion and art are very high, thanks to my days of being around the best at Neiman Marcus, where I worked for seven years in various capacities. In order for a photo to speak to me as art there has to be a certain element to it. Arguably, one cannot r…

Adrian Alicea SS19 Style Fashion Week

Style Fashion Week New York
Adrian Alicea SS19

Designer: Adrian Alicea
Show: Style Fashion Week New York
Venue: The Manhattan Center
Coverage By: Nitro Nuri Shakoor,

Always a pleasure to catch the artistry of Adrian Alicea at Style Fashion Week.

M. Nuri Shakoor, Photojournalist/Press Photographer, NYC-ASE |

NYC-ASE Designer Feature PlayBuffalo By Becki Bitternose

Couture Fashion Week SS19
New YorkCoverage by Nuri Shakoor
Designer: Becki Bitternose, Canada Collection: PlayBuffalo Show: Couture Fashion Week Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Times Square, Manhattan Photo Credit: M. Nuri Shakoor, UABN-NYC.COM

Very impressive designs here by Indigenous designer Becky Bitternose. Very powerful and captivating collection. Once again, the models did an excellent job, both in their movement and with their evocative expressions to emphasize the beauty of what we saw in PlayBuffalo.

M. Nuri Shakoor, Photojournalist | Press Photographer, USPA-NEWS.COM