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New Calisthenics Park Opens In Astoria

Queens, NY bar athlete Johnny Gunz, Inkredibles    Several New York City bar athletes were out on 21st street and Hoyt Ave in Astoria for the christening of the calisthenics park and outdoor gym underneath the Robert F. Kennedy Jr Bridge in Queens , also known as the Triboro Bridge, connecting Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx. Located near Astoria Park, the new outdoor gym is equipped with pull-up and push-up bars, a Bosu apparatus, stretching station, plyometric & step-up station, dip bars, ping pong tables, a small track, and volleyball courts. The calisthenics section is truly designed for strength and muscular endurance training. The outdoor gym in general offers a low-key area perfect for training devoid of the many distractions associated with the other outdoor training locations within the two block area. There are many fitness professionals and enthusiasts who frequent the parks in the neighborhoods around Astoria park and the Triboro Bridge, who will find this outdo

Revolutionary Fitness Kettle Bell Seminar In Central Park.

   Saturday, May 20th, Central Park North. We were on location to see Revolutionary Fitness in action.  One of the many beautiful aspects of Revolutionary Fitness, that was apparent even on first impression, was seeing people from all walks of life coming together and being supportive of one another in the spirit of total wellness. The latter is an integral aspect of the fitness industry that some justifiably believe to be less of a priority in today's over-marketing of aesthetics over longevity.   We considered the opportunity to photograph Revolutionary Fitness's kettle bell seminar held in a scenic and serene Northern topmost part of Central Park an excellent opportunity to both highlight and showcase the importance and natural beauty of human movement: as a tool of connecting with kindred spirits, raising awareness on the tremendous value of an active lifestyle, and its beneficial effects on physical and mental health, longevity, and the beauty of camaraderie and teamw