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NYFW Feb 2020. A Review of The Week's Shows

New York Fashion Week Review~

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Who was able to cut through the buzz that Fashion Week invariably produces, during the February edition of NYFW 2020, leaving a lasting impression with
New York-based designer Phil Harris, whose exquisite collection - with its masterful combination of both futuristic and modern flourishes, and a nod to the opulence of the Baroque - closed out an all-around wonderful showing at Cliq Fashion Week, hosted by Cliq International, emerged as our favorite. 

Later in the week, Couture Fashion Week producer Andres Aquino pulled off a two-day fashion affair at the popular 4W43 event space in Midtown Manhattan, that featured som…
NYCC Never Before Seen Video M. Nuri Shakoor, Photojournalist

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Video highlights from New York Comic Con 2019.