NYFW Feb 2020. A Review of The Week's Shows

New York Fashion Week Review~

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New York City Arts & Sports spokes model Millie Carbajal's Couture Fashion Week photo shoot. Photographers: M. Nuri Shakoor, Evan Saucier, & Ktodoma Igor. Styled by Celi Padilla. Hair & make-up by Franchesca's Beauty Bar.

Who was able to cut through the buzz that Fashion Week invariably produces, during the February edition of NYFW 2020, leaving a lasting impression with NYC-ASE.com?

New York-based designer Phil Harris, whose exquisite collection - with its masterful combination of both futuristic and modern flourishes, and a nod to the opulence of the Baroque - closed out an all-around wonderful showing at Cliq Fashion Week, hosted by Cliq International, emerged as our favorite. 

Later in the week, Couture Fashion Week producer Andres Aquino pulled off a two-day fashion affair at the popular 4W43 event space in Midtown Manhattan, that featured some very talented designers. Among them, Shamsun Elite (USA/Bangladesh) set the artistic bar very high with vibrantly hued gowns, expertly using silk, organza and brocade, that the models representing the brand did very proud, wearing the designs in such a way as to put the collection in a class by itself. As a Neiman Marcus veteran from the 90’s, had I currently been a buyer, both Phil Harris and Shamsun Elite would have been on my priority buy list.

We would be remiss not to mention hiTechMODA as one of the best overall Fashion Week events we have ever experienced. They are fashion forward innovators who use their platform to allow for the flow of creativity from a long list of very impressive emerging designers and independent talent, and their shows were some of the best run and organized. hiTechMODA showcased a variety of stunning garments that caused many an audience member to gasp as the models came down the runway. Flawless is a word that would describe our experience aptly.

Here is a recap of all the shows we attended for this season’s NYFW:

Art Hearts Fashion Week Opening Night.

Date: Thursday February 6th, 2020
Angel Orensanz Foundation

Reasons to attend: One of the best venues to host a a fashion show. Amazing art display. Runway show is what you expect from a fashion show. Models walk down a stage/raised platform offering you a great view of the collections that are being showcased. So if you are sitting or standing in the back you have an excellent view.

Photo taken from the back row. Excellent lighting. The lighting at any NYFW event that we've reviewed so far.

Things to know: The shows tend to run significantly behind schedule. I assume in effort to make sure as many ticketed guests are in attendance.  Long lines waiting outside to enter the venue. This may prevent an issue during inclement weather.

Designers: Charles & Ron; and Mister Triple X

NYFW powered by Art Hearts Fashion. Another stellar show at the Angel Orensanz event space.

The Society New York Fashion Week

Model Miya Alaoui wearing a magnificent design by Mariia Pashuk at Society NYFW

The Venue:

Broad Street Ballroom

41 Broad Street
Downtown Manhattan (near Wall Street)
Reasons to attend: The Society provides a very intimate and strong networking environment for all creatives, models, designers, and photographers. A very impressive line-up of designers and models. Excellent vantage points from all parts of the venue. Very elegant setting. The overall show was enjoyable.

Things to know:The Broad Street Ballroom has high ceilings and is a wide-open venue which tends to get very cool so be mindful if you are sensitive to cooler temps. We personally prefer cooler venues because of the amount of equipment we carry to cover these events, so for us cooler is better. Cooler is better for models wearing heavier garments because of issues with perspiration which is not good for make-up or photo opts to have a model beaded in sweat.

Designers: Mariia Pashuk, One World Peace, ChixIt; Krissy King, Tony Visions, & Jori Yelir


Terani Couture at hiTechMODA NYFW

Date: Saturday February 8th , 2020 7:30pm show

National Geographic Encounter Ocean Odyssey
226 West 44th Street
Manhattan, Times Square

Dominion Couture Costume Design
Gulick & Ybarra Wearable Sculpture
Mila Hoffman Couture
MM Milano
Vila Beauty Resources
Portia and Scarlett

Lovely design by Portia & Scarlett.

Reasons to attend: hiTechModa is , by far, the most well executed and well thought out New York Fashion Week events.  Everything from location,  venue lighting, the designers, models, and most notably the simple fact that their shows start on time as stated on the ticket and advertisements. Nothing is more aggravating to buyers, press, media, industry, and influencers than  waiting around for a show to start 30 to 60 mins late.  Late start times, in many cases ruins the fashion week experience especially when you have to be across town on the same evening for another show. This is an area where the organizers of hiTechModa easily became our favorite show to attend this season. This show started on time. Not a minute before and not a minute after.

Things to know: Many children are in the same shows with adults. So our advice is to be mindful of over critiquing out loud or to your neighbor as you may be sitting next to a proud parent who will not hesitate to read you your rights.

The following shows were all held at the same event space on separate evenings
4 W 43 Social Hall Building
4 West 43rd Street
Midtown Manhattan

Things to know: Despite the fact that the lighting in this venue is not the best, we still love the event space because it is in a very convenient location accessible by most of the local subway lines at Times Square, 5th Ave, and Grand Central. Located at 5th and 43rd you really cannot beat this location. And usually the spacing between shows at this event allows one to take advantage of grabbing a refreshment or a quick meal at the many place to eat within the vicinity. The foyer, and staircase both make for great photo opts. We were there for 3 events in 4 days. For two of those event they opened a second runway in a private viewing studio that had much better lighting than the main runway where you can really see the garments and the models up close and really appreciate the detail and accessories as well as the outstanding make up jobs. Basically, this is the room you want to be in if you are a buyer, industry person, and even a photographer shooting for magazine or catalog.

Show: NYC Live @ Fashion Week, Adrian Alice

Adrian Alicea, model Veatiful_Joee

On the red carpet with models for Adrian Alicea NYFW.
We were invited to this show by Adrian Alicea's staff and therefore we only provided coverage for his show. We do however plan to attend NYC Live @ Fashion Week's entire event for next season so that we can get the full experience and appreciate the hard
work and effort of all involved with this show. But we thank the House of Adrian Alicea for a great show as always. This year's collection was spectacular and the Adrian Alicea runway show never cease to amaze us with his creations.  We also attended the open model casting for his show at 20/20 studios run by Jai Kapadia.

Show: Cliq Fashion Week (Cliq International)
Designer: Phil Harris

Designer Phil Harris, Clothing & Accessories. Model: The exquisite beauty,Veneda A.
Show: Cliq NYFW by Cliq International

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Reasons to attend:  Excellent all around show. The producer's choice of lighting and stage setup should be the standard for all events held at 4W43 Social Hall. By far the best entertainment of all the NYFW show we attended. Phil Harris, again, by far, our clear favorite for this season's NYFW events.

Show: Couture Fashion Week

We ended NYFW February 2020 with the grand finale at the Couture Fashion Week show produced by couture designer, Andres Aquino. Couture featured designs by our show favorite this year Shamsun Elite. Shamsun Elite, as viewed from the smaller preview room was just absolutely stunning and the models did an excellent job of selling the collection with subtle yet dramatic turns which added a level of excitement to the runway show.

This year's line up for Couture Fashion Week featured the following designers:

Carlos Benguigui
Sonsie Q Plus Couture by Beth Anne
Beth Anne Couture

Ciputra Fashion Collective
Mariia Pashuk
Marisol Henriquez

Malika Rajani
Yans Creation by Yani Bakhtiar
Florens by Vanetta X Geraldussugeng

Diana Magesa
Shamsun Elite
Fatou Ndene Ndiaye

Juhi Jagiasi
Maria Mauro
Kirti Rathore
 And of course Couture Fashion Week producer Andres Aquino featured his collection “Plaisir Sous La Mer”

Designer: Florens by Vanetta X Geraldussugen; Model, Natalia Spivak; Show: Couture Fashion Week


Photos our featured press photographer Igor Ktodoma

Juhi Jagiasi | Couture Fashion Week

To sum up the Couture Fashion Week event we asked SAG actress and NYC-ASE Fashionista Furaha Moye her thoughts on this season’s show,
New York Fashion Week has done it again!  Throngs of people lined up to see, be seen and revel in the glory of the Couture Fashion Show.  All with good reason; the designers showed their best and a bevy of beautiful models male and female brought their intricately crafted and incredible designs to life.  The Couture Show has become a New York City staple and this year proved its enduring value. “

This editorial was a collaborative effort by the following New York City Arts, Sports, and Entertainment Fashion Week Team

Press Photographers:
Evan Saucier & Igor Ktodoma

Photojournalist & Editor: M. Nuri Shakoor

Lifestyle contributor: Furaha Moye
Style contributor & cover models: Millie Carbajal & Kim Hernandez
Health & Beauty contributor: Anwar Hafeez
Stylists: Celi Padilla & Nisha


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