Latest Issue Of Healthy Blends For Longevity By Nitro Nuri Now Available

Another issue of  Healthy Blends For Longevity is now available on MagCloud

Power blending by Nitro Nuri Shakoor, In this issue again you will get two amazing blends using some Nuri's highly recommended super foods that has help him over the years to maintain top level fitness. Nuri tributes his blending and juicing as the reason he has been illness free for more than 13 years and counting.

In this issue you also have a bonus where some of the urban art projects to which Nuri has been involved with other New York City artist have been included in this issue. The plan is to continue to present quality content in all forms to invoke good feeling and promote other urban artists world wide.  The Urban Art movement in New York City is being driven by Nuri to combine all forms of art, movement, and wellness to promote a well balanced lifestyle. Appreciation of art and the artists themselves has serve as a key component to Nuri's overall health and good nature and his vision is to continue and spread that movement around the world.

Nitro Power Foods Issue 1.2
16 pages, published 10/6/2017
Healthy blending options to improve overall health and elevate your fitness levels


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