Actress Caylee Cowan

Actress Caylee Cowan

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 Caylee Cowan was warmly welcomed during her visit to New York City last week with a photo shoot set up
by yours truly, friendly urban art photojournalist, Nitro Nuri Shakoor, and thanks to the assistance and creative vision of fellow photographers Joe Amato, Jorgie Ostolaza, Ktodoma Igor, Alex Pichardo and Evan Saucier. The shoot was a major success in capturing what we'd had in mind when first meeting Caylee the day before, when she agreed to shoot with us. The presentation of these photo galleries is our way of saying, thank you very much, Caylee, for helping us create art. Collaborating with like minded artists and photographers is always a rewarding experience. We did a total of three shoots in two days. We tried to schedule a fourth shoot in Brooklyn, but we will save that for her next visit to New York. It was a pleasure working with Caylee and a great team of photographers, who helped make magic happen.

Caylee Cowan | Joe Amato | @jorgies_photographytaketheshot@Ktodoma2 | @alexand3r._0714 | @evansaucierphotography

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Alla Shakoor, Editor
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