10 Compelling Photos From The Dominican Day Parade

Event: Dominican Day Parade 2017

Location: Mid-Town Manhattan

Date:  Sunday 8/13/2017

Tags: #DominicanParade #NYC #UABN


  The most significant feedback that we got during our market research on parade shooting is that many images from parades tend to be one-sided or they don't give an accurate representation of the event as a whole. In other words, the content typically presented to the readers is not coming from an objective point of view. This is not through any fault of a particular journalist or photographer, attempting to convey what they feel when they are capturing moments of an event; the images the viewers see are simply that particular artist's aesthetic infused into their photography.
 What motivates our capture of these types of events is to never over-sexualize them, since our audience tends to find it trite and cliched. Our goal is to give a balanced presentation, and to try and convey the feelings of the individuals we shoot. Images that speak to us, that we think will speak to our readers. Here are 10 images we felt were powerful, and invoke feeling and emotion that resonated with us.

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M. Nuri Shakoor, Photojournalist, U.S. Press Agency
Alla Bevzenko, Chief Editor, New York City Arts, Sports, & Entertainment
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