Typical Weekday Afternoon In Central Park, "NYC's Playground For All"

Park Life Series.

Out of all the good folks who do the bubbles this guy is our favorite
  Photographs provided by New York City Urban Art photographer and photojournalist, Nuri Shakoor, former extreme fitness icon known for his days as the founding member of the international pro fitness team Plyotechnics. The park life series is a reflection of what Nuri sees day in and day out training in the parks of New York City and other urban areas on the east coast. Today we are showing you moments from an afternoon in Central Park which has been the focal point of this series. Kind of like a reality show from a photographers point of view.
Our first friend we met up with upon our arrival.

Our photog crew.

Our lovely leader Tracey.

Drop dead gorgeous woman and a LOVELY spirit, fashion stylist and artist Purely Patricia hung out with me.

Only a few moments with the ever precious Purely Patricia and her amazing love energy was infectious.

Always moments of young love in the park

Think he's had enough.

Photog extraordinaire Andrew doing what he does best, making new friends. 

Getting that shot.

It's all about the lochs.

Stunning and beautiful when you catch these gorgeous people just being.


What an awesome trick.

Exercise class with the pooch.

This is the pup that drew us in. He just looks so happy.

Where's the drummer?

'What is that up ahead?'

Taking it all in.

No place like home after a long day in the park.

Home arrival.

At the end of this tunnel lies the end of the day. I love New York City


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