New York Fashion Week, Days 5 and Coverage

New York Fashion Week 2017


Mimi Tran, Richie Rich, Meredith O' Connor, Stevie Boi, and Ms. New York USA, Nicole Kulovany are a few of the beautiful people who are the subjects of today's photo editorial of Fashion Week here in New York City. At the shows and in the streets, the fashionistas are providing us with that stylish urban essence that we look for here at NYC-ASE.

Mimi Tran Collection SS18 NYFW
Model: @aidarex

One of our favorite parts of Fashion Week is hitting the streets and meeting the fashion icons, celebrities, and fashionistas. Connecting with them and doing a quick street shoot, given our love for street photography, which is an intrinsic piece of what we do.
Below are a few more images that we would like to share, before the final editorials summarizing the week are in place. Stay tuned for more: there is enough material to keep us busy for week, as we plan to do a few more features on some of the models and designers with whom we connected.

Yours truly with one of the lovely fashionistas we met street shooting for this piece.
Photographed by one of our partners, Steve Edreff Photography

Heart throb, Ms. New York USA, Nicole Kulovany

Check out Nicole's footwear and handbag.

Nicole was one of our MVP favorites of the week. We just felt she was the walking embodiment of Nitro Nuri's vision of Urban Art.

The Exciting Richie Rich

Fashion icon and celebrity Richie Rich's collection was on display at the Carol Galvin Foundation's NWFW show held at the Sony Playstation Theater on Broadway in Times Square.

Meredith O'Connor

Meredith O'Connor was one of several musical performances
at the Carol Galvin Foundation's #NYFW Fundraiser.

Evie Phillips (heart, heart, heart)


A quick street shoot with fashionista and brand strategist Evi Phillips. She was definitely one of our MVP favorites of the week. We could have shot with her all day. We fell in love with her shoes, painted toe nails and edgy leopard print handbag. Her style definitely speaks Urban Art to us.

Mimi Tran, Mimi Tran Designs

We cannot say enough about our love for Mimi Tran, one of our biggest supporters for this year's #NYFW!
Stay tuned for a separate photo editorial on her SS18 collection.

Red Carpet Moments from the Carol Galvin Foundation Fundraiser and 

NYFW Fashion Show

Super gorgeous and one of our favorites of the evening.

Stevie Boi

Stevie Boi of SB Shades was in a class of his own. With that said, he was
by far our favorite on the red carpet at the Sony Playstation Theater on Broadway.

JoJo Siwa

TV personality and singer/dancer Jojo Siwa being interviewed by NY Fashion Times.


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