NYFW. New York City Fashion Week Day 2 Highlights

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Some stunning images from outside the NYFW outside IMG's The Shows and Style Fashion Week Shows from day 2 of our coverage.

Cat Castano, Aliepson, Caitlin Grace, and Natasha Thweatt were some of our favorites from day 2. We simply felt they gave us something to work with because as urban art, fine art shooters we look for a certain attitude and raw beauty at events like this. It's not all just about a look. It is attitude, professionalism, and communication both verbal and body language. Cat's shot were taken in super high resolution so there something extra that was added to an already impressive photo. We used are staple sport shooter the Canon 1DX for most of the other shots here and again the low light beast of camera an known for its ability to minimize digital noise at high ISO's enable us to get impressive shots of these amazing models in these amazing designer's collection.

Now with most fashion columns and blogs we realize there is always emphasis on referencing the designers. We will do the same as the information comes to us. But we here at NYC-ASE intend to bring a different perspective when covering these events and that is to focus on the models. There movement, there posture, there presence, and how it was a major asset for the designers collection. Because we are focus on fashion as a human art given are connection to the Urban Art movement and the art of human biomechanics.

Some of our top flight shots will be featured in the final editorial for our international media outlet where our circulation is in the thousands from a world wide audience via the NYC-ASE section on the USPA online news feed.

Kat Castano stole the shows for day 2 at StyleFW

If you love Kat as much as we do follow her on IG @kat_castano
One of our personal favorites from Day 2
 Super gorgeous Aliepson find her at http://aliepson.com/

We also had the pleasure of connecting with the lovely Caitlin Grace
who you can also follow on IG @caitlingracenyc

There were plenty of shoots going on right outside IMG NWFW so we took advantage
as well got show our readers the lovely models, stylist, and staff in attendance.
Natasha Thweatt is so beautiful. We got some amazing headshots of her
that you will see in our day 3 coverage. She has beauty that is simply heart warming.

Tatiana was a favorite of ours and came up to introduced herself to Nitro Nuri
has been covering the events at both Style and IMG


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