An evening with Aubrey Logan and Polly Gibbons

An evening with Aubrey Logan and Polly Gibbons

By Alla Bevzenko, Senior Editor
Date: Sunday, October 27th 2018
Location The iconic Birdland Jazz Club in Manhattan
Photos and video provided by Nitro Nuri Shakoor, Urban Art photojournalist for

Aubrey Logan and Polly Gibbons together on stage.
Last Saturday, we had the pleasure of being at the iconic NYC Birdland Jazz club, for the set that featured two incredible artists, Aubrey Logan and Polly Gibbons.
The presentation was held by a legendary jazz producer George Klabin, of Resonance Records, a label he founded in concert with his Rising Jazz Stars Foundation, in 2008, devoted to preserving and celebrating living jazz performers.
The ladies in attendance were rather formidable artists.
Producer George Klabin
Aubrey Logan, whom we had the pleasure of seeing live last year at Drom, NYC, is a Berklee graduate and musical talent who traverses multiple styles. She's an accomplished trombonist, and wicked with a cartwheel or two, performed during her sets if the space allows, without missing a beat. She's a very gifted songwriter and can scat with the best of them. Simply put, Aubrey Logan is a multifaceted musician, whose warm, sassy and approachable personality all come together into a dynamic and superb artistic package that is sure to impact the canvas of contemporary jazz and pop in the foreseeable future.

The Birdland Jazz set was our first exposure to Polly Gibbons, an eclectic jazz/ soul/ blues vocal stylist from England, yet the impact of her performance is something that has prompted us to look further into her work. A regular on the music circuit in Great Britain, Polly released her first, critically acclaimed album " Many Faces of Love", with George Klabin's Resonance Records in 2015. What struck us most was how gritty and soulful her sound. Accompanied to perfection by her band. Janis Joplin meets Aretha Franklin, is what came to our minds, if asked about her sound.  

Needless to say, we'll continue to look for and forward to her future releases, and support them accordingly.
Lastly, being at Birdland Jazz Club  to witness these two very different vocalists perform was a memorable experience.

It brought us a lot of joy to see two extremely talented female jazz artists showcased and celebrated in their unique musical ability.  

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Alla Bevzenko, Senior Editor , NYC-ASE
M. Nuri Shakoor, Photojournalist,


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