New York ComiCon 2018 NYCC

New York ComicCon 2018,  a Four-Day, Fun-Filled Experience.

The Event: New York ComicCon~
Dates: Thursday, October 4th - Sunday, October 7th~
Location: Javits Convention Center, Hudson Yards, NYC~

Even the magnificent state-of-the art Javits Center and its staff faced an extremely challenging task of hosting the New York ComicCon 2018.  Through the many events I have covered at the Javits Center, I would have never thought that the facility weren't large enough to accommodate the creative cosplayers, comics collectors, science fiction aficionados, and the amazing exhibitors on hand for the four day fun-filled event. Thursday was, by far, the most comfortable day of the event, what with being able to navigate the convention center, or to just casually walk around to absorb and enjoy the many wonderful exhibits that brought me back to my childhood days. Saturday and Sunday, for obvious reasons, proved to be the most challenging days, yet the most exciting. One may never meet so many artists, and collaborators in one place at one time. The cosplay community proved to be the main reason why ComicCon in general is such a huge draw.

In attendance with Team Shutter Brothers, Evan Saucier of Evan Saucier Photography and Ktodoma Igor, we made an awesome team; their support of NYC-ASE and UABN Photography in covering this event is definitely noteworthy.

Kat Velasco and Evgeniya Radilova
We met and photographed many of the spectacular cosplay models. Two in particular, that we would like to mention, are very special to us, because of the time they gave us and the fact that they reached out in a highly professional and courteous manner, and have proven to be powerful connections whom we would not hesitate to collaborate with in the future. In the order we met them, I present to you Kat Velasco and Evgeniya Radilova, who both ironically, or serendipitously, were dressed as comic book vampire super heroine, Vampirella.

While we spent the majority of our time interfacing with the cosplay models, we did have several special moments on the main level convention floor. We had the privilede of getting a few minutes in with hip-hop artist Raekwon, of the Wu-Tang clan. The Wu-Tang clan was well represented at NYCC, so our fortuitous meeting with Raekwon was a pleasure.

The fourth and final day of NYCC brought us to the main reason why we decided to cover the event, that being a live panel discussion featuring astrophysicist and director of the Hayden Planetarium here in New York City, Neil Degrasse Tyson. We have long appreciated his work and contributions to science, physics and astrophysics in particular, so hearing him on a live panel was an exquisite treat.
Overall, New York ComicCon has proven a veritable treasure chest of visual enjoyment, new experience and knowledge, getting in touch with a vibrant culture drawing artistic inspiration from comic books, identifying with characters whose life purpose is serving mankind, righting wrongs, or simply going against the established status quo, one superhero at a time.

Neil Degrasse Tyson video excerpt from the NYCC Live discussion.

Neil Degrasse Tyson at NYCC Live 2018

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M. Nuri Shakoor, Photojournalist, NYC-ASE | USPA-News
Alla Bevzenko-Shakoor, Editor
Ahmad D. Shakoor, Staff Photographer


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