Opera Italiana Symphony Orchestra In Central Park

Opera Italiana Symphony Orchestra (OISO)

Video clips from the OISO performance in Central Park.
Photos and video provided by M. Nuri Shakoor, photojournalist for USPA-News, from Urban Art Photography New York.

Conductor: Alvise Casellati
Soprano: Maria Mudryak
Tenor: Antonio Poli

The concert opened with Paloma Dineli Chesky, eleven years old of Brazilian origin, who was chosen from the Very Young Composer's Program of the New York Phiharmonic to perform her own composition "Rising" was one of the featured program performances.

The event held at the Noumburg Bandshell in Central Park sponsored by Intesa Sanpaolo, Alexander Bodini Foundation, Bel Real Estate Group, Brooks Brotherss, ENI, FIAC, ACP Group.


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