Queens Rockfest 2019

The 2nd Annual Queens Rockfest 2019

  Video and images by Gotham News NYC-ASE urban art corespondent for for New York City, Nitro Nuri Shakor, photojournalist and press photographer for USPA-News.com and freelance photographer for UABN Photography

Date: Saturday July 27th, 2019
Location: Forest Park Bandshell, Woodhaven Queens, NY

Producer: George Wasek
Emcee: Eddie Fee

Bands: Sabretooth, The Phoenix Within, The Kindness, The Unbroken, Arc'd Angel, Ophelia's Pain, Dan Nelson & The Contention, The Stony Rollers.

Note: We unfortunately got called away to another assignment prior to the Stony Rollers performance so we were unable to get footage of their performance.


Tiffany Linton, Ophelia's Pain


  1. Thank You Nuri for your time and amazing footage from Queens Rockfest 2019!!


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